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Happy Summer Ribbon Pendant Jewelry Ottantanoveundici Made in Italy

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Happy Summer Ribbon Pendant Jewelry Ottantanoveundici Made in Italy


Bronze pendants silver | Seahorse | Octopus | Teddy Bear

The pendant features a ribbon colored lycra stretch, height 3 cm - 80 cm length, without closing node to be connected with a ribbon and bow and black waxed cotton 100 cm length.

Choose your favorite colored ribbon and match it to your pendant and if you love the shape of the tubular tape pulls the tape and binds as you prefer.

Ottantanoveundici - jewels designed and made entirely in Italy 





    Ottantanoveundici Jewels loves to fantasize and nature becomes an excuse to let your imagination run wild!

For this hot summer 2014 we explored with flair and irony the animal world, creating for you a small collection of "fun jewels", spokesperson of joy and happiness!

Each animal was chosen for a specific reason; a reason which unites him to the core values ​​of the house Ottantanoveundici Jewels

The octopus evokes the sinuous we seek in our shapes, the seahorse is synonymous with elegance and grace, the fundamental elements in the creation of a bijou and the bear represents strength and resistance of materials.

Pendants charming as a fairy tale ...



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