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Discover the collection and see all the online jewelry, Made in Italy, designer Ottantanoveundici:
rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings



Happy Summer






Bubble rings

Falling in Love



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Hermosa Mariposa

Miss Love - Devotion

Night Owl

Papillon Paillettes


Sex Appeal





The Brand name Ottantanoveundici exposes itself the composition structure of our jewels, made of 89 % Bronze and 11 % Copper, which comes from the fire and sand, drained in precious metals and molded with patented and unique techniques.

The Ottantanoveundici collection is made up of long chains rosary, round neck short chains, rings, earrings and bracelets, jewelry that the Team Ottantanoveundici studies, designs and shapes in a familiar environment , where the social responsibility and the ethics values meet the passion for the workmanship and the industrial processes: a commitment to better represent the beauty and the Italian image.

The inspiration comes from the shape of the heart as a portrait of the passion and the devotion to the family, to the job and to the own ambitions. The result is a small portions Collection with a refined soul and a rich character but with uncontaminated outlines for women who are looking for something special, casual, stylish and with an X factor: the uniqueness material.

The Ottantanoveundici Collection has the 24K gold colors as well as the ruthenium and the rhodium finishing touch.

Ottantanoveundici, a delicate and light jewelry, as "scent in the wind".

The gold tones are enclosed in the Versailles collection, inspired by the charmed atmosphere of the Parisian court dances. Bijoux for a refined woman wearing charm on the skin, releasing vital energy, with elegant luxury and conscious savoir faire.

Ruthenium Black is the fullness color in Etna, which is a voyage among lights and intense tones as only the nature of this magnetic place in Sicily can give: an intrepid dynamism, an urban appeal to an ultra-modern woman with a strong sensuality. Pure color and full-bodied, sensual and penetrating.

Rhodium is represented by the collection Siberia, a wrap-around and sensory color as the iridescent light snow of the Siberian landscapes.



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