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Ottantanoveundici was born in Italy, in the heart of the "magic" Turin, where charm and innovation combine the passion to discover new and exclusive fashion trends.

The Backgrounds
Our experience comes from the industry, treating the raw metal, particularly the bronze.
We perceived its aesthetical potentials, enhancing the brightness.
We mixed our industrial know-how with the fine tailoring and the result was a sophisticated jewel, unique, with no metal core, without epoxy resins or glues. Its surface seams a multi-faceted pavée, where small imperfections are expression of the special handicraft manufacture.

The Manufacturing
From the sketch, each new product finds its realization in a handmade prototype mold. The innovation of an Ottantanoveundici bijou is the manufacturing process, totally new, that combines perfectly the industrial experience with the Italian arts and crafts.
The Ottantanoveundici jewels are all designed, manufactured and produced in Italy.
Our industry expertise combined with the style pleasure is at the basis of our products.

The Mission
The Ottantanoveundici Brand Mission is included in its own name: style, dressy tailoring, innovation and research. Our goal is pretty ambitious, we want to re-invent and innovate a secular raw material: the bronze, giving it an innovative, feminine and elegant look with fresh forms that combines the tradition with the Italian savoir-faire.

We want to offer emotions, unique jewellery with accessible elegance.

"A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic". (George Bernard Shaw)


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